Make Unbiased Decisions

Ventuary consolidates different types of crowdsourced contributions - reviews, profile edits, translations to any language, and moderation. All operations, contribution rewards, rating and reputation changes are stored in blockchain and it's absolutely transparent and anonymous.

Creating, editing, translating and writing reviews is very flexible. Any source of data may be used as a basis of a new profile. Also, any type of data is supported by custom fields.
Contributors get rewards for useful data they provide. We act as a marketplace for startups data where you can pay for reviews to be conducted by reputed analysts
Reputation Protocol
All important data is stored in Waves blockchain. It means that all changes of ratings or reputation scores are immutable and transparent. The protocol of reputation and rewards is based on formulas from Forseti project and rating is based on anonymous moderated reviews with EMA approach.
StartUps & Projects
Of reputed analysts

Community members are not limited in picking a source of data for creating, editing and writing reviews about profiles. Any contributor registered on the platform is be able to use Ventuary platform, access existing profiles and insights from community in any language. There are multiple ways of paying for analysts' contributions for those who are interested in receiving updates or requesting new reviews.

Mechanics overview.